Engine idling tells a lot about your fuel tanks

For the past four consecutive weeks, fuel prices going up anew. And as a result, some organizations are hurting their operational cost due to this price hike.

But now, How GPS technology can help on saving this situation?

TRACKME SUITE is our newest upgraded GPS Tracking system that aims to revolutionize the entire fleet management process. The new and improved features in Vehicle Tracking, Location Management, Reports, and importantly empower the organizations to make smarter business decisions.

TRACKME SUITE can support value-added attachments that will maximize the use of your GPS tracking system.

TRACKME SUITE’s Fuel Sensor is an attachment/sensor installed on selected diesel vehicles that measure fuel in the tank and determine its consumption on a trip level.

Fuel Level Monitoring in Vehicle Tracking – Through an interactive trip graph, the system will provide Idling instances & fuel level consumption from its previous & ongoing trips. The longer the engine idling corresponds to higher fuel consumption.

Fuel Consumption Report helps you visualize the vehicles’ fuel consumption with an attached fuel sensor. There is an Idle Fuel Used Percentage field for you to monitor how many liters were consumed & wasted over idling instances.


  • See when & where the drivers consumed a large amount of fuel
  • Save fuel cost from any unwanted activities/practices and helps to build standard driving practices within the operations
  • Prevent Fuel Pilferage
  • Compare the driver’s idling vs. fuel consumption
  • To know more about our TRACKME SUITE’s Fuel Sensor, you may email marketing@findme.com.ph.

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