How does Technology push procurement logistics to remain on top?

What is procurement logistics?

Procurement logistics is the procurement of materials needed to manufacture products. In other words, this part of the supply chain focuses on purchasing raw materials, replacement parts, operating supplies, and other items needed for the manufacturing operations.

According to DHL, procurement logistics includes sourcing of following materials:

  • Raw materials.
  • Auxiliary supplies.
  • Operating supplies.
  • Replacement parts.
  • Purchased parts and similar items.

The flow of procurement logistics needs to be working and undisrupted because if the purchasing process stops, it could interrupt production efficiency in manufacturing centers and affect product storage in warehouses. The delays can cause potential problems for both distributors and consumers. It is essential for procurement and logistics management to work together seamlessly to ensure that manufacturing is operational to avoid the further cost. Many companies are now working with a third-party logistics provider to help manage all the delivery operations to create a seamless and efficient supply chain.

“Those who invest in the big impact technologies may leap-frog their competitors over the coming decade.”

Some logistics companies in the Philippines are still using manual day-to-day processes, and adoption of innovation tends to be somewhat slow. But fleet management solutions can now support logistics processes for faster, more efficient operations with better results.

Digitized your Operations with trackMe Fleet

This is where the Next Generation trackMe comes into play. trackMe Fleet is the NEXT level visibility. Next Generation trackMe is an end-to-end logistics solution built on a single integrated platform designed to assist you in your entire fleet operations, from comprehensive vehicle scheduling to monitoring driver performance.

With Next Generation trackMe you can gain:

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