How Logistics Uses Innovation To Thrive In The Industry?

The logistics and supply chain industry are facing a lot of bottlenecks. From the pandemic to facing new competitors and the continuous change in the supply chain trend, it seems like companies either innovate or you will fail. Adding to these challenges is that logistics is behind when it comes to digital transformation compared to other industries, like media, telco, banking, and retail. So if you think innovative trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, machine learning, fleet management solutions aren’t impacting logistics and supply chain, think again.

Offering a more streamlined end-to-end service is now the key to logistics. It is not enough to simply know when the fleet left the warehouses and, hope that the vehicle gets to the right place at the right time and in the right condition. Leveraging this visibility data can help ease external pressures while also providing high levels of fleet monitoring, improved efficiency, and minimized risk. With enterprises now competing with different disruptions in the Logistic Industry, Digital Services Providers are offering solutions that can ease the problem.

Digitized your Operations with trackMe Fleet

This is where the Next Generation trackMe comes into play. trackMe Fleet is the NEXT level visibility. Next Generation trackMe is an end-to-end logistics solution built on a single integrated platform designed to assist you in your entire fleet operations, from comprehensive vehicle scheduling to monitoring driver performance.

With Next Generation trackMe you can gain:


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