NavX: Simply Powerful Fleet Management

Simple doesn’t mean lacking. Explore NavX’s essential features in achieving optimal fleet management. 


February 15, 2023 Webcast launches NavX, its new fleet management solution designed with simple but powerful features to cover the necessities of fleet monitoring across both public and private sectors nationwide. Recognizing the importance of effective simplicity, NavX offers its robust tools, further enhanced by the availability of optional attachments.


Functional Affordability

The growth of the fleet management industry brought about the rapid rise of new solutions, each one becoming more sophisticated and more expensive than the last. Organizations face the issue of taking on solutions far too complicated for their preferred use, paying for features they will not utilize.

With NavX, Webcast takes a step back and releases a product that focuses on the basics, designed to cater to the market that has been left behind. From government agencies and enterprises who are just starting out with their fleet management journey to small businesses with simple use cases, NavX can serve as the humble stepping stone that can bring them closer to their goals of efficiency and digital transformation.

Embodying functional affordability, NavX provides the essentials of fleet management including features such as vehicle tracking, trip scheduling, cost management, and automated essential reports. The new solution is designed to optimize operations by providing critical data about their valuable resources, and with additional attachments available such as fuel and temperature sensors, clients are equipped with the proper information to make the best business decisions.


First of Many

Webcast proudly deems NavX’s launch announcement as the first of many this year, acting as a prelude to upcoming solutions crafted in line with the company’s annual theme of “No Limits” that is reflective of its dedication to excellence and relentless innovation.

With an ever-growing client base of over 400 companies nationwide and an industry presence spanning beyond two decades, Webcast aims to continue supporting the needs of organizations across the country on geospatial intelligence and asset management.

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