Corporate Fleets in Check: Smart Strategies Against Vehicle Misuse

March 19, 2024 – Vehicle misuse in business fleets happens more often than one might think. This includes employees using corporate-owned vehicles for personal errands and, in the worst-case scenario, illicit activities As such, vehicle misuse has been a long-standing concern, leaving corporations with legal penalties, financial issues, and reputational damage.          

Nonetheless, keep your worries away because effective solutions, especially web–based ones, are readily available. Here are some useful tactics to combat vehicle misuse: 

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  • Vehicle Access Monitoring 

One of the best ways to keep corporate fleets secure is to track who has access to the vehicles. This must include real-time information about drivers and other authorized personnel in passenger seats. However, doing so without technological aid can be extremely difficult. 

With TrackMe, a web-based, end-to-end fleet management system designed to streamline operations, vehicle access monitoring is made easier. This is because it has a door sensor feature that sends information about drivers entering and exiting the vehicle and matches it to designated stops. 

This fleet management solution also reports whether an authorized or unauthorized person enters the passenger seat, allowing businesses, such as those that transport manufactured products, to ensure that the vehicles are used properly.  

  • Fuel Status Data 

One of the dangers of vehicle misuse is fuel pilferage, which is an act of illegally taking fuel from the fuel tanks. When such things happen, businesses that own fleets of vehicles will suffer great losses. That is why fleet managers need to remain informed about the status of fuel and perform corrective actions if problems arise. 

TrackMe also has a fuel sensor that detects everything from fuel consumption to petroleum pilferage, making it easier for companies that rely on logistics to prevent becoming victims of further vehicle misuse, particularly fuel theft. 

  • Real-Time Location Tracking 

Misuse of corporate vehicles is easily identifiable when fleet managers know where the vehicles are currently located. Businesses can obtain actionable insights through real-time location tracking, which enables them to enhance security and guarantee that vehicles are only utilized for their authorized purposes.  

Incorporating TrackMe into your business is the best way to go. This fleet management system includes geofences, a feature designed to provide fleet managers and businesses with real-time location monitoring and accurate data analytics for smoother corporate operations.

  • Engine Disable System 

When vehicle misuse is detected, it can be resolved instantly, even if you are miles away from its location. Another feature of TrackMe is the engine disable system, which activates to stop a corporate vehicle in transit, notably when an unauthorized individual attempts to use it.   

Including TrackMe in your safety measures can protect your company from massive losses and liabilities that will harm your reputation and, worse, your client base.

Managing company vehicle fleets can be hectic if precise analytics are not in place. Given this, there is a need for a cost-saving solution like TrackMe, as it assists businesses like yours in ensuring that corporate vehicles get regular checks and are equipped with innovative technology for better monitoring, effective fleet maintenance, improved reliability, and customer satisfaction.  


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