Exploring the Digital Frontier: Navigating Virtual Sensors for Business Success

June 10, 2024 – Protecting your corporate assets is not just about keeping them safe; it is also about fueling your business growth. Imagine having smart sensors that do more than simply track your supplies and equipment — they provide you with invaluable data for better decisions. With real-time monitoring, your fleets, products, and machinery become seamlessly integrated into your strategic vision of a secure, productive, and top-notch company.  

Virtual Sensors: Your All-Inclusive System for Extensive Data Analysis 

Virtual sensors are your go-to solution for converting and analyzing data from physical sensors into actionable insights. These sensors can be programmed to handle bitwise, category, and numerical data and generate more credible reports. Furthermore, they offer a user-friendly interface that simplifies data, allowing numerous industries, including supply chain and retail, to obtain easy-to-understand information for improved fleet monitoring. 

Depending on the sensor type you select, you can work with text values, bits of information, or numbers to convert them into suitable parameters for monitoring. These parameters can be viewed in real time, represented as reports, or used to generate alarms based on specified values or rules. 

The information from virtual sensors can be seen in several ways: 

  • Current readings in widgets 

These are small handy displays on the screen showing the latest data simplified by virtual sensors. 

  • Historical readings in reports 

These readings consist of past data records, helping you track the changes and patterns of corporate operations over time. 

  • Alerts when specific values are received in rules

Virtual sensors also send notifications when specific conditions are met, such as idling instances and other issues that need your immediate response. 

Virtual Sensor Functionalities: What’s In Store for Your Business? 

Virtual sensor objects include parameters for virtual ignition, which enable developers to interact with them programmatically. This interaction facilitates data analysis and getting valuable information about the proximity to GPS devices. Key features include:  

  • Stationary object location 

Both movable and stationary objects, such as agricultural equipment, cargo, and security items, are trackable. Companies that have fleets can also opt for installing sensor devices on a vehicle and tracking the goods inside through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags, especially since they are also GPS-compatible. Aside from that, these BLE tags can transmit information about humidity and temperature, as well as battery charge. 

  •  Usage times and trip details 

Application Programming and Interface (API) calls provide general trip information, including mileage, maximum speed, and where the vehicles started and ended. The trip length data can also help determine whether the contractual speed was exceeded. This feature helps fleet managers calculate the number of kilometers until another maintenance is needed.

Given these, virtual sensor system integrators can indeed reduce the risk of loss while increasing productivity in numerous fields. They help businesses navigate telematics data for more streamlined business operations. 

Virtual sensors provide various firms in different industries with an efficient tool for handling data from physical sensors. They facilitate data handling and reduce the complexity of sensor data analysis by acting as a link between the physical and digital realms.

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