The Basics of e-Connect and t-Connect

July 13, 2023 e-Connect and t-Connect – what are they?

In today’s highly globalized economies, we’ve gotten so used to the convenience of having most of what we need available in our local stores or delivered to our homes that we’ve forgotten to ask: how do these goods get here in the first place? For cargo to get from Point A to Point B, a complex network of systems are meshed together to make sure that everything runs smoothly and goods get on shelves and doorsteps on time.

That’s where e-Connect and t-Connect systems come in: crucial tools to manage this delicate web of processes and technology in an effective and sustainable way.

A Closer Look

e-Connect system allows each vehicle to connect to selected ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools to integrate with our TMSuite platform through API Integration. This enables the fleet manager to streamline the collection of relevant data from one source to another through pulling and pushing of data.

In the case of TMSuite, t-Connect refers to the GPS 3rd-party integration used for a centralized fleet monitoring system; it collects and consolidates data into the platform, even information from other GPS providers.


How Does e-Connect and t-Connect Benefit the Fleet?

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Using a combination of GPS satellites and receivers allows the fleet’s management systems to track the vehicle and cargo in real time within a single platform, ensuring they get to their destination on time.

Safety and Maintenance

Having access to vehicle health diagnostics allows a fleet manager to maximize the lifespan of each vehicle by being able to spot issues that can potentially become problematic and perform preventative maintenance.

Aside from the health of the vehicle, fleet managers can use these systems to keep their drivers in optimal condition by tracking their hours and recording their behavior and conduct while on the road. GPS technology can also help track dangerous conditions which a fleet manager can direct drivers to avoid.

Insurance and Liability Management

In the event of an accident or theft, the data gathered by t-Connect systems can be used as evidence to guard against legal repercussions. It can also aid in reducing costs associated with repairing damages and medical expenses.

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Fuel Cost Management

Fuel is a vehicle’s life blood and the cost can add up over time. An effective fleet management system can come in handy when it comes to making sure each drop of fuel is used in a most effective manner. Using GPS tracking, a fleet manager can determine the shortest and most fuel efficient routes for deliveries, and reduce the time a vehicle sits idle in a traffic jam.

More Effective Payroll Management

The tracking of hours worked not only ensures the driver’s health, but it serves the added function of tracking proper salaries as well. Automation of this process using an effective e-Connect and t-Connect fleet management system will help the company save enormous amounts of time, effort, and money, given that there will no longer be a need to manually match time sheets with job tickets. Billings can also be done more accurately and quickly by taking into account all the services rendered for a specific account.

Transformative Process

More often than not, e-Connect and t-Connect in fleet management systems foster an overall transformative process for an organization. From minimizing data barriers between internal groups to automating repetitive tasks, it’s all about working towards a sustainable system, one that keeps efficiency high and tasks manageable.


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