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Definitely More Than Just Fleet Tracking

TRACKME is designed to enhance the operational efficiency of businesses through smart integration of location technology, information, and services. With capabilities ranging from fleet management to delivery monitoring that supports entire supply chain and logistics processes, TRACKME helps companies eliminate inefficiencies, identify bottlenecks, detect activity discrepancies, reduce costs, and more.

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NAVX is a basic fleet management tracking system that enables its users to visually track moving vehicles to make smarter decisions and achieve maximum fleet efficiency.

TRACKME Suite is an integrated and shared system accessible by multiple stakeholders in the supply chain. It provides visibility to manufacturers, shippers, haulers, and customers within one common platform, giving them real-time information needed to make the necessary operational decisions wherever, whenever.

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Our main emphasis is to deliver the best quality service to our valued clients. We continue to serve with the same degree of excellence and integrity that enabled us to secure and retain clients across multiple industries, ranging from local MSMEs to some of the nation’s corporate giants.

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